Artist's Bio

Michael Garnon Norton

Michael Garnon Norton, a Tucson Native, developed an interest in making art in early childhood, a result of his mother’s encouragement.

He studied art at the University of Arizona, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (1975) and Master of Fine Arts in painting (1979).

After a career of 40 years devoted to flying helicopters, Michael is now painting full time. He loves applying paint to canvas and paper; drawing has been very important as well. 

His art is in private collections and his work has been featured in juried shows, and galleries in Tucson, Scottsdale and Tubac.


Michael paints only what he finds interesting, having given up making art just for sale.


Subject matter includes oil and watercolor landscapes, images of the sea, vintage aircraft, and racing cars. Other interests are Mexican pottery, religious imagery, western scenes and people.


Noted contemporary art Critic Robert Hughes (1938-2012) wrote, “Painting is the freedom from constraints of reality… direct action on the nervous system, visual, neurological, visceral and emotive…convincing evidence of the power of suggestion and the continuing vitality of the primitive urge to depict…”. 


Michael reflects, “I support this freedom and am always honored by those who choose to include my art in their lives”.